Bitcoin-014-980x420.jpgBitcoin is approaching what seems to be the end of Phase 1 of the scaling ordeal it has been going through for some time now and here is what I know about it. I will do my best to keep it short and poignant.

Since last year (2016) Bitcoin has been experiencing a large backlog in transactions and ever-increasing transaction fees that reached an all-time high at over $10 on some occasions earlier this year.

For some time now the community has been going back and forth between a number of scaling proposals, Segwit [BIP141] Bitcoin Unlimited [BUIP] being the more well-known.

In the first quarter of 2017 we saw a resistance from the miners majority, who seemed to be in favour of larger block size (and possibly with the added benefit of higher fees) and did not signal for Segwit which was a necessary step in the BIP 141 proposal. This resulted in a series of follow-up proposals, most of which were focused around Segwit implementation and differed in the way it could be imposed to the network (a difficult task in a decentralized and not-so-united network as it appears).

Then came the controversial BIP 148 with its threat to forcefully activate Segwit on 1st August 2017 and exclude any non-Segwit mined blocks from the network thus creating a hard fork and a Split in the Blockchain.
Which in effect was the worst-case scenario for the Bitcoin community and users at large due to the fact that it had a lot of support at first (BIP148 was heavily promoted as the best solution by some of the Core Developers and for some time it had gained up to 30%+ of the popular vote in no time)

In May 2017 we heard about the Consensus 2017 meeting where another proposal came to light.
Known as Segwit2x, this was an attempt to unite the two opposing sides of the coin [figuratively speaking] and combined the growing in popularity “Segwit” solution with the much desired “bigger blocks size” – the proposal was signed by a significant number of economical nodes and most of the big wallet providers and exchanges which also gave the community another strong card to play against the threat of the chain split.

Should Segwit2X come into light before 1st August, then BIP 148 would not occur“… or at least this was the popular opinion on the numerous blogs and video reports.

Fast forward another month and we are in July, there is yet another proposal, this time launched almost in the last hour – BIP91.
This is now the most possible outcome and savior of the day. The reason for it?
Segwit2x s not possible within the timeframe we currently have until Aug 1st and what BIP91 does, is allow for a Segwit activation now with later adoption of the larger blocks size which is in effect a soft fork and it is expected to be a very smooth transition without any major truce in the market price if all goes well.

There are some reports (mainly on which was openly against Segwit from the start) that warn about the possible BIP148 split still going through and subsequently there is another minority of miners (and a Chinese exchange) who have agreed to a proposal calling for a UAHF (user-activated hard fork) that became known as Bitcoin Cash (BCC) in the case of BIP148 activation. They are led by Bitmain and on their blog you will find detailed article about their “contingency plan” as they call it.

I don’t see BCC as a serious threat to Bitcoin, after all, Segwit is supported by 90% of the Bitcoin community and as today’s articles read, we are one step away from closing the deal on Segwit with or without the larger blocks (which are due in October 2017).

What can you do to be extra-safe:
Store your Bitcoin away from the cloud wallets or exchanges for the next week, wait until the pivotal date Aug-1st is past, Don’t do any Bitcoin transaction on that day just to avoid any mishaps and don’t stress about it.



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Trading Opportunities

If you have been in the online marketplace for a longer time, you would have noticed that there are certain trends that go around and last for a while, then the hype moves on to another one and so on. In 2015 it was definitely revshares, then the trend was for hyips, 2016 saw the revival of the matrices, the cyclers, the rotators, back to MLMs[this time with digital products as a revived, upgraded version of the good old mlm] and now, 2017 is the time of the trading clubs.


Forex trading is back in fashion, just after a good couple of years after it was overtaken by the binary options wave and went into a quiet existence on the background for a long while. Well, it is definitely back but very brienfly this time around as it is somewhat marred by another new wave, trading again…this time with Crypto Currencies. Not heard of them? You know, like Bitcoin and the other 700+ of them that currently circulate on the exchanges.

Yes, the wave of the crypto trading is heavy upon us today and there are plenty of new groups, clubs and companies that pop-up each week with the promise of high returns and low entry point. Beware!

Every time a trend is peaking, the most scams and fake opps are being born. That actually creates that peak. It usually the first ones, the older dogs that pave the way for the scammers to thrive, therefore you really need to be extra cautious when you look at one of these private clubs and make sure that you spend at least a week of research and doing due diligence before jumping in with your money.

I am not writing this post to pitch to you so I shall not mention names here, but whether a Forex or Crypto Trading  opportunity is presented to you, appoach it with care, speak to people you know who can give you real feedback and just scrutinise every detail about it until you don’t have any other arguments left and then join if you must.

That’s all I can advise on a general note, for more specifics you need to contact me directly 😉

Peace and happy earnings!


If you started your journey with online marketing and discovered revshares, you will see that many top leaders out there amass impressive figures and make loads of money from these programs. There are a few things you need to consider when joining these and especially when you are still new to the revshare business module. They can be risky and you need to find the right strategy to make the most with your money and avoid losses.

So, I decided to share a few tips that you can follow when working with “Rev Shares”

1.) Do your research thoroughly. Make sure you gather enough feedback from various people, mainly people that you know, not just strangers.
Many times people see a well-presented opportunity and join in without doing enough research into the legitimacy of the company. Never rush into decisions. Take your time and if the offer is making you feel like there is some urgency, take extra care and question their motives.

2.) Join the FB group first!
Find the official page and the main two or three FB groups that have a great number of members, try to get to know the admins of these groups, if possible even find the owner, group admins, leading members… all these contacts are important to follow and observe their activities in the groups. Look out for negative comments but judge how objective and realistic they are, many will be small issues that people moan about. If you spot a major problem in several different posts, that should alert you about possible issues. Pay attention to the groups posts and comments DAILY.

3.) Choose the RIGHT Sponsor: someone you know or someone who responds to your messages instantly, regularly and can advise you about strategies, not just a stranger with massive results, these people often do not have any spare time to guide you. Also read the terms when you register and make sure you understand all fees and rules. Ask your sponsor about anything you need to know.

4.) Deposit only what you are comfortable to risk. (DO NOT spend all your savings or grocery money!) Every $1 you will spend will give you a return. The MORE share earnings or Ad Packs you have – the MORE cash you can make daily, but do not take blind risks, use spare money, not your life savings.

5.) Strategize: You need to find out what strategy would work best for you according to the programme’s structure.

◆ One popular strategy is the quick recovery plan – Week 1-5 (or more, depending on the amount you started with):
repurchase 100% (cash* and repurchase balance**) to give your account a KICK-START and then save your cash balance to take your “seed money” out! (in other words, the money you deposited out-of-pocket)

◆ The 70 : 30 rule – Another useful and very common strategy is the 70:30 rule. You keep 30% of your earnings and redeposit the other 70%. This method gives you a more stable route of recovering your seed while building up your account at the same time. For example : repurchase 100% for 4 or 5 days, then save your cash balance for 2 ( or more) days and withdraw.

Let’s Revise:

Step 1 is 100% repurchase at the start….Step 2 – Get your seed money….Step 3 – Build up the account with what you have accumulated.
(*Cash Balance = where your referral commissions and half of your daily earnings appear. This money can be withdrawn.)

(**Re-purchase Balance = where a part of daily ad pack earnings go towards repurchasing more ad packs.)

It is also advisable to spread your money across a few programs, generally 4-5 will be a good plan. You may be thinking: why so many, isn’t it better to focus on one?

In my opinion, and what I have learned from experience, the more you diversify your income, the safer you are from financial hardships. If you lose one source of income you can always fall back on another one.

Find the right amount and variety. Too much is not good either. Do your research, investigate, don’t just join any “shiny” program out there promising you “riches overnight”, and ALWAYS ! read the terms !

Visit the FB groups often to see how things are going, connect with your sponsor and make an effort to learn all about a program 🙂

When I research a new program, especially a revshare, I take many screenshots of their Alexa ranking over a period of time and this comes rather handy when deciding if it’s time to join in or perhaps start moving away from some. With some of the longer term revshares there is always that extra bit of hope that they will continue to be sustainable and deliver the expected results but checking their rankings every now and then might also be a good idea if we want to be objective and factual. It takes a minute to look at their figures and graphs and the website provides just about enough information free of charge, that we can (and should) involve in our research.

The revshares that I’m currently using are the ones listed in the menu in this page. For any questions about these programs, please connect with me on Facebook and message me.

My Combo-Income Plan: Multiple Streams…

Old-school Network Marketing was primarily focusing on promoting one business, a big company that you associate with and become their distributor or affiliate and build up your business on the back of their name. Nothing wrong with that module in my eyes,  but in Online Marketing things work differently. For a start,  there are the risks involved in most online programs due to the lack of physical offices or appropriate regulation by any one authority over the code of practice applied in their module, then there are other implications coming from the volatile structure of the world wide web market in general. And especially when working with revshares,  which is a prime source of income in my case, there are always risks of oversaturation with big earners in the business which eventually leads to sustainability issues in the long run.

This is why I am all about multiple streams of income and have been building an online portfolio for the past 18 months. I started with my first revshare and built up my account there for the first 6 months. I then added a second program which I funded wtih my first withdrawals from my first program. This enabled mw to start making passive income from 2 sources without the need for an extra expense. I then applied that method to my next programs that I added and this is the main process in my online portfolio building.

Mistakes to avoid when working with HYIPs

I usually avoid High Yield Investment Product programs but I have worked with a few in the past and I have had my fair share of being scammed by some. This is why I stopped working with ANY of these scams. They all are.

Hopefully those who read this will take note of these mistakes and like me and others learn from those with experience in this arena.

Mistake 1: Spending too much too soon…
Some hyips are known to open for business and just a day or two later they vanish with all the deposits so you might be better off starting really easy. That could help but unlike revshares, with hyips a single test spend isn’t enough. Some HYIPs will pay you for small spends, but when it comes to real (larger) spends you won’t see a cent of profit. And you can’t rely on rating sites feedback because sometime they get better treatment from HYIP admins! 

Mistake 2: Not testing the withdraw function: Has this ever happened to you: you’ve invested in an attractive HYIP, your profit is growing day after day, everything is going nicely … until you decide to withdraw some of your profit. Either the withdraw function doesn’t work at all, or your withdrawal is forever pending. After I make my initial test spend with any HYIP I do a test withdrawal. I don’t invest any more funds until the withdrawal is successful.

Mistake 3: Focusing on individual programs instead of the overall plan.
You really cannot trust these programs so you have to spread your risks between a few.
Focus on the overall plan and not on individual HYIPs. To me this is a fantastic philosophy for managing a HYIP portfolio. When you think about it, putting our faith in one, two or three individual HYIPs doesn’t make any sense given the nature of these businesses. So taking this philosophy I would much prefer to have 10 programs paying me $100 each to a total of $1000 than having 2 programs paying me $500 each. It would be even better to have 30 programs paying a little bit each. Obviously it’s a lot harder to find 10-30 solid programs instead of focusing on 2 beloved HYIPs. But to me focusing on the overall picture and building multiple income streams helps me sleep at night.

Mistake 4: Not getting your original spend back quickly: I’m sure you’ve heard this a number of times before. Always get your seed money back as soon as possible. Given the fact that most HYIPs tend to fold within 6 months, this does make sense. Figuring out when to start withdrawing your profit is more of an art than a science. For example, should I deposit a large amount and start withdrawing straight away? Or deposit a small amount and start withdrawing after one month? This really depends on how long you think the HYIP is likely to last and how long it takes to get your original spend back. To date, all HYIPs tend to either slow right down: like one of the original cyclers that has been around for 2 years and now have a 200 day+ cycle time; or they go out of business within 2-6 months.

Mistake 5: Getting greedy: Making money with HYIPs isn’t really the problem. It’s keeping the money in our pocket that becomes difficult. The temptation to reinvest every single cent to keep our profits growing is so great…   My ideal HYIP is one that isn’t in the spotlight but has been paying successfully for a while (4 months or more).

Mistake 6: Saving up for one big withdrawal: Some HYIPs seem to struggle when making large payouts. I recall a HYIP that became very popular all of a sudden after being rated high on one of the rating sites. Within 3 weeks a number of large investors had started requesting withdrawals. It quickly became apparent that the admins didn’t have the funds available to make the payments. It’s possible that they were scammers who weren’t really investing the funds, but it’s all possible that they’d invested all the funds and didn’t have enough liquid funds to honour the withdrawal requests. Either way rumours flew and things spiralled badly. They were out of business within a week after. I find that making small, regular withdrawals is often better for everyone. At the end of the day, making money with HYIPs is as much an art as it is a science. By setting and following your own rules you can dramatically reduce your risk of losing money and hopefully significantly tip the balance in your favour to make some serious returns.

Mistake 7: By far the biggest mistake people do when approaching hyips is that they think that because it is currently paying,  then it is not a scam. People seem to think that something becomes a scam only when it shuts down and stops paying.
This is not true. A scam is in fact anything that has been set up in such a way that at some point it will fail to provide the results it has promised and the inability of any given program to be sustainable and to live up to expectations qualifies it as a scam. Of course there are businesses that fail due to external circumstances, but when the whole structure of the system is wrong and depends purely on new money for payouts, there is really just one word for this and that is simply: SCAM.
Unfortunately 99% of all HYIPS are in effect Scams.

Mistake 8: Very important lesson to learn is that NO program that is purely automatic or passive in its structure will ever be reliable enough. There is NO such thing as Easy Money,  even though many people seem to pretend that being in revshares or online marketing of any kind is really easy money, don’t fall for this. Those who are really successful and making good money online are the ones who spend all of their time working on their business,  promotion, research and building their networks, so if you believe that you can just dump 1K into a hyip and it will make you rich in a few months, just remember this post. Nothing will make you rich on automation. You can only achieve this if you’re dedicated, work your butt off and become a leader. So with this in mind, good luck with these ultra high risk programs and don’t say you weren’t wanted.